Mobile Rich Media Can Boost Brand Loyalty

By on April 19, 2013

Contributed by: Hassan Khan

A lot has been said and done about the engagement in advertising, but rich media mobile advertising is taking it to the next level. The reach of mobile advertising is massive and growing. Every smartphone or mobile device is an opportunity to engage consumers personally, directly and through the medium they interact with most.

Static banners that click through to a landing page or service can be effective, but consumers have become hooked on the rich capabilities of their most favorite devices. The reasons to jump on the mobile advertising bandwagon are endless. The difficult part is figuring out how to best go about it.


MediaMind Mobile makes mobile-enabled campaigns one-stop simple – and more measurable than ever before. The solution combines ad serving, both standard and highly innovative rich media formats, and advanced analytics into one integrated platform.

Here’s four effective ways MediaMind’s mobile rich media can help.

  • Grab the user’s attention

As with any other successful and effective ad, it all starts with captivating the user’s attention. A meaningful call to action is essential, and you’ll want to test different options to find the best performing message. By incorporating rich features like video content and image galleries directly into creative ad units, brands give users more options for response.

  • Present your products through engagement

Beautiful product shots can be presented in a variety of ways to make the product part of a rich and fun experience, keep the audience engaged for longer, and, most importantly, get them to make a purchase. Integrating games into your ads gets users emotionally involved and allows you to present all of the products you are promoting. Users get addicted to the game and often want to play it again.

  • Integrate social media

Integrating social media elements into your mobile ads has a positive novelty factor effect and makes your brand cool, fresh, and up-to-date. It also extends your reach and helps with acquisition. If your brand has a Facebook page or Twitter profile, don’t forget to include buttons to take your users there. It’s an easy first step toward bringing social media into your ads, and it’s also quite effective — typically 3-10 percent of users will tap on each.

  • Make your ads location aware

However global, all business is local business. To drive purchases, leverage the user’s location to direct them to the nearest store and offer products that are relevant for where they live or work. A store locator is a simple and effective way to get users to start shopping. When communicated clearly, more than 10 percent of users will search for the local store within the ad.


About the writer:

Hassan Khan is Country Consultant at MediaMind Pakistan and based in Lahore. He can be reached at

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